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Pangea — digitize education

We took care of digitizing the Pangea mathematical competition and helped to save hundreds of hours of work and hundreds of thousands of crowns.


UX/UI, backend, frontend, testing , operation and support




from £20,000

Together with the organizers, we have prepared the first digitized year of the competition. We successfully tested the complete solution, from the distribution of the assignments to the evaluation of the competition tests, in spring 2019 in live operation.


Pangea Mathematical Competition

The first year took place in 2013 and since then the competition has been attended annually by elementary schools and multi-year grammar schools throughout the Czech Republic. Last year, almost 56,000 children from 518 schools competed. Pangea is unique in the offer of mathematical tasks consisting of everyday life and different topics are selected for each year. The assignment for all pupils has been printed and sent by post so far, similarly the collection of results has been solved. This method of organization was timeless and financially unsustainable for the further growth of the competition.

number of schools

950 +

number of Competitors

80 000 +

annual costs

± 0.5 million CZK

project objectives

At the beginning, we met several times with the competition coordinator Mark Kovář to define together the breadth of the assignments, the objectives of the project and also the way in which we will achieve them.

Reduce the cost of printing and distributing handouts.

Present the competition clearly to pupils and educators.


Website for children and (senior) educators

One of the important aspects of the proposal is the broad target group. Both contestants (ages 8-15) and teachers of unlimited age must easily navigate the site. To this we have adapted the simplicity of the wording of the texts, the size of the font and sufficient dyed contrast.

Mgr. Lukáš Malý
Bishop's Grammar School B. Balbín, Hradec Králové

"The organization of the school round itself was very simple, time-consuming. For this, I would like to thank the organizers of the competition, because it took me very little time to prepare the school round!"

development and testing

Gradual development, according to the client's needs

We managed to find a way to prepare the website for the live operation of the competition in a few weeks without edible from the resulting quality.


For Pangea, we have implemented a complete solution from UX/ UI design, through server part architectures and an optimized database model to frontend and web interactions.


PHP7, Nette, Doctrine



Testing with client and users

We tested each stage of development together with real users, especially educators. With the help of third-party tools (Hotjar), we also collected additional comments from teachers and students. Thanks to the agile approach, we were able to correct the discovered imperfection in the next stage of development.

Agile development process

In order to speed up the development as much as possible and to test the website in the live operation of the competition in spring 2019, we divided it into 4 stages in agreement with our client. Each of them was focused on the current needs of the competition. Registration of schools and pupils — distribution of assignments — evaluation of results — final iteration and preparation for recycling in the coming years.

Ing. et Ing.Marek Kovář, MBE
Main coordinator of the Pangea competition

"Quality communication, compliance with deadlines and high commitment."

Result and plans

Successful pilot of the competition in 2019

In spring 2019, the first year of the competition took place, which tested the final solution in live operation. More than 56,000 pupils and several hundred teachers used the new website to familiarize them with competitions and rules, registration, get information about the schedule and, in the end, the results of school rounds.

We have achieved our goals

At the beginning, we set two main goals. The new site was supposed to be a big part of achieving them, and it did! The digital distribution path of the assignment has worked, and money previously spent on printing and distribution can be used more efficiently.

8× lower printing and distribution costs.

90% faster evaluation of results.

We save the environment

The ecological footprint of the Pangea competition is minimal. Still, we're glad it could be even smaller. Thanks to digitization, we have lightened the Czech nature and managed to do the following:

to print input

35 mature trees spared.

when distributing to schools

2.5 tonnes of CO2 saved.

We're moving on

The pilot went well, but our cooperation with Pangea is far from over. For next year, we are planning a full-fledged web application that will integrate a complete system for completing and evaluating competition assignments and thanks to which there will be no need to print a single paper.


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